How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps - Josephine Myles

Josephine Myles calls How to Train your Dom in Five Easy Steps her filthiest book to date and the book certainly has more smexy scenes than we are used to from her, but for this particular story it works well. It is in no way a porn-without-plot story. There is a multi-layered plot.

The author is known for her unique stories with down-to-earth characters that could just be your next-door neighbours. With this story it’s even more so than any of the author’s previous books. Either Eddy or Jeff could easily fit the description of your friend, your neighbour or your co-worker.

How to Train your Dom in Five Easy Steps throws every cliché know to BDSM Gods in a big hat and stirs it around. What we get is a short, stocky Dom – a bit of klutz and a man of few words – who’s learning the ropes (literally and figuratively) and a tall, sassy, bratty and very slutty Sub with a five step program.

After rain comes sunshine, but for Jeff it remains cloudy after his break-up with his long-time girlfriend. He’s discovered his dominant side, but not how to handle female submissives and he manages to drive most of them away with his gruff demeanour. He just wants to do a scene, not do small talk.

Enter Eddy. Eddy is captivated by Jeff from the first moment. Even if he knows Jeff is not gay. That is just a minor obstacle to Eddie. Eddie knows what he wants and doesn’t just give up. He offers to teach Jeff the ropes and so ensues some page sparking hot scenes and BDSM like you’ve rarely seen before.

But Jeff is not gay…right?

How to Train your Dom in Five Easy Steps is a charming, charismatic, entertaining and sexy story with a down-to-earth view of BDSM. It’s supported by strong main characters that add their own unique voices to the story. There is also an engaging support cast that give the story a round feeling that keeps you turning the pages.

I have to admit, there were some doubts about Jeff in the beginning, with his reserved attitude, but with the delightful scenes (both smexy and not-so smexy) in the story and Eddie’s smart-alecky ways, Jeff soon wins you over.

There is some strong writing in this story, not only to create a multilayered story, but also to give it this British voice.

Why you should read it: How to Train your Dom in Five Easy Steps is a book I can really recommend if you like BDSM stories with a different view on the world. It might not be glamorous and sparkly, but it’s funny and hot with some inventive ways to use tools!

Note: this ARC-copy was given to me by the author.